You Need to Hear: The Pack A.D. “Positive Thinking”


How much trouble could only a guitar, and drumset cause?

Take a listen to anyone of The Pack A.D.’s albums and you’ll see. Body slamming, head bobbing garage-rock with an a detached sense of sexuality has solidified the band as one of Canada’s best kept secrets. Their name isn’t known to many and radio play isn’t frequent, but the band is a must hear.

Their sixth album, Positive thinking, features the band’s key element: drums, guitar and Becky Black’s dominating vocals. And yet again they’ve managed to lack repetition.  The album is another piece of perfection. With a narrow musical focus, each song is still bounds away from their previous albums. The latest single, Yes I know, features a grungy rock, a droning guitar and vocals somewhere between angry and tantalizing.


The album, released this month, is a must hear for anyone who loves rock, even the slightest bit. So do yourself a favour and introduce yourself to The Pack A.D.



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