[Reviewed] Band of Skulls + Mothers at The Opera House


Photos by Taija Anderson | September 8th 2016 – Band of Skulls play The Opera House with supporting act Mothers.



Four musicians stand on opposite sides of the stage, each in their own world. Kristine Leschper begins most songs with a soft spoken guitar before adding in her haunting vocals. The three other members wait idle for their moment to join in. Bassit,Chris Goggans closes his eyes until he’s led by his fingers and bass. In another world, each member plays as if they’re at a personal showcase, yet, each movement strikingly comes together to create the perfect depth of Mothers. 


Band of Skulls

They’re not what you’d expect from and  English rockband. Amid thrashing guitar and pulse matching drums, Band of Skulls lurk the stage. With the mics on either side a wide open space invites the band to roam. Emma Richardson stays by her mic lost in her world, while lead vocals Richard Marsden rarely steps away from the stages edge. Mouths hang open as the tips of his boot brush against their chests and his guitar dangles above them.

Playing hit after hit, the crowd sways and sings along. Drowning out the vocals for the songs, So Good and Bruises, the dedication is apparent. The band’s energy never dies, until the set ends leaving fans smiling.


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