The Preoccupations return to Toronto


With the Preoccupations settling into their new name, gone are the protesters outside their venues. Formally known as Viet Kong,the band has moved past their controversial name and brought with them a new sound. Opening the show with the first track of their latest release, Anxiety ,the band instantly filled the Danforth with a intensely dark tune that hit at the core. Their sound penetrates your emotions taking hold with a daunting voice, followed by rich tones of the band. Old and new, their set went on in an intense emotional rythem.

Methyl Ethel

The brainchild of Jake Webb, Methyl Ethel is a band you need to know. Their sound is a spectacle of perfection. They tempt your mind with thudding bass and Webb’s unique voice in one song, and a hushed guitar and beating drum int he next. The Australian band was unknown to most, though by the end of their set had captured the entire room leaving most wondering who they were and why they hadn’t heard of them before.

Methyl Ethel


The Preoccupations

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