What happened at Heyrocco

January 30th 2017 – Heyrocco  plays The Drake Underground

It’s 9 P.M. and The Drake Underground is nearly empty. Strolling on stage with sunglasses and naked arms. They might not have got the memo that they’re in Canada, or maybe they’re trying to keep up their oddball personas, that normally look like something out of a British magazine in the ’60s .

Who are they? Signed to Dine Alone Records, the trio has two albums, an EP, and two live albums under their belt. Their name might not be known, but they can wrack up quite a hell of a show despite how many people are there. The room is dim and one white light shines down on pasty skin. As the guitar begins, the few that have come to the show have come for them. A slight moshpit breaks out (by moshpit I mean two guys throwing one another around while everyone watches). It’s a melding of 90’s grunge and life from the perspective of a teenage boy.

Waiting on the sideline, watching between the stage–where Nathan Merli stabs the air with his guitar when he’s not commanding the microphone and the two guys throw each other.  The energy from on stage leaks through the crowd gaining capacity as the band goes on.  They thrive on the music itself as they build off of their own energy. The band throws themselves around the stage as if they were little boys performing for their lives. Part of their charm it’s one of the reasons you must see Heyrocco next time they come to town.


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