GRL PWR: Priests, Bald Britney and Snail Mail @ The Silver Dollar

February 7th, 2017 – Priests @ The Silver Dollar in Toronto. 

What a way to celebrate the news of The Silver Dollar not closing than to bask in its glorious obscenities: the mirrors above the small circular stage that reflect the band below. The randomly placed television monitors which hang above the rows of alcohol behind the bar. The odd green booths, straight out of the ‘50s, in the backroom that are being filled with faces the frequent the Toronto music scene. The perfectly dingy joint is here to stay and welcome more amazing acts. The bill Tuesday could have been named Girl Power; the night focused exclusively on powerful female fronted bands you need on your radar.

Bald Britney


Fuck them over and they’ll tell you where to go from the stage. In matching red and black clothing, tattooed, and full of attitude, Bald Britney are a new band finding a sound that is oddly close to that snarky voice in your head. I don’t want to see your dick, was the first song they belted out of their set of feminist charged rock. Their fourth show unleashed an unapologetic boldness more people need to embrace. Writing songs that you’d easily to scream along to (or at some choice people), Bald Britney, is a new firestorm to keep an eye on.

Snail Mail 

Only 17 and already a stunning polished treat. Snail Mail, a three-piece band from Baltimore, is a potent songwriting, emotional experience. They vaguely resemble Mothers, though take no backseat in creating their own name. With her guitar strapped across her front, the small package that is Lindsey Jordan takes a place behind the mic. With a quick clearing of her throat, she stuns the room silent with her voice, slightly raspy from an illness. Even with the mild distortion, she paints a beautiful picture that leaves the crowd roaring and begging for an encore, which she happily provides.


Groaning about the stage, stalking like predators, Priests claimed their headlining spot. If you’ve never been to The Silver Dollar, the stage is small and lacking in stature, but the band seemed to find that distancing. Playing with their feet at the edge, they climbed about the few monitors placed around and broke the invisible barrier of band and audience, welcoming the touchy fingers of enthralled fans.





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