Swooning Front Row at The Zolas

The Zolas_-6
March 16th, 2017 – The Zolas play a sold out show at The Opera House w/ Louise Burns 

X’s mark the hands of the underage teens eagerly pressed against the stage. The Opera House is filled and Louise Burns hasn’t yet taken the stage. Impatiently, cheers grew from excited to antsy. Promptly at 9 p.m. Louise Burns began the show in a sequence dress, glimmering brightly enough to catch the attention of those linger at the bar in the bar.

Louise Burns_

“Let’s take it back to 2013,” Burns said. “I know you guys are probably like ‘back? Who are you?’ but let’s pretend.”

Slowly beginning her track, Ruby, grabbing the attention of the crowd with the beautifully slow ballad and keeping it until she thanked the crowd for listening.

The Zolas_

Seeing, hearing and experiencing the band is a far cry from anything they would have produced a few years ago. Beginning with, In Heaven, followed by, Molotov Girls, off of the latest release, Swooner, the drastic dynamic change was striking. The audience never misses a moment, as their eyes glisten somewhere beneath the fog and flashing lights, their lips are moving along to every word. The band seems to have found their niche sound somewhere between pop, indie rock and electro, that makes folks adore them. Melding the set together of songs old and new was the odd charm the band seems to posses. It encrypts itself into their music producing an addicting energy that translates into a party on stage.


The Zolas_-3

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