The ones to watch: Middle Kids


Australia has so much talent it’s hardly fair. Meet the newest gems from down under, Middle Kids. Three kids from Sydney that make songs capable of making you lose yourself in a warm summer evening full of bad decisions, despite the fact that it’s winter and 16 was more than a few years ago.middle-kids-ep-1487173885

Their self-titled debut EP made a strong step into the music scene. Edge of Town is the perfection introduction to the band. Smart lyrics, emphasized by the dizzying voice of Hannah Joy flirting with a guitar which is somewhere between rock and pop. The trio Tim Fitz (guitar), Harry Day (drums), and Joy (vocals) made one of the most underrated EP’s of this year with the most addicting songs. With a gripping emotional soundtrack reminiscent to teenage years, the emotionally driven EP seems to capture a scene in time perfectly, bring you and hold you there.

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