Inside the secret Royal Blood show

Royal Blood_-43
May 12th, 2017 – Royal Blood headline The Velvet Underground as a part of The Edge’s secret thing 3.

Half of the line of contest winners are still outside waiting to get in, yet inside the packed Velvet Underground is full of fans screaming the band’s name. The secret is out Royal Blood was the secret band. As a part of The Edge’s third secret thing, which gives Torontonians a chance to see a big band on a small stage.

The British rock duo came on stage at an early 8:20 to play a lively set. The crowd, hardly contained by the barricade between the stage, howled as the band took their places on the stage. The lights went down and in the small wake of silence thrashing guitar and dominant drums began. The more metal version of The Black Keys plays a harder bluesy-rock. Somewhere between metal and alternative, they’re treat not to be missed. Next time they’re in town (not so secretly) don’t miss out.

Royal Blood_-23

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