The Coathangers Live in England

The Coathangers_-19
May 17th, 2017 – The Coathangers at Olso Hackney in London, England

A Canadian in London watching a band from Atlanta. It doesn’t get more international than that.

Eyeliner, tattoos and leather jackets that would seem like costumes in any other setting.  On the second floor in England at the perfectly gritty Oslo it would seem odd not to.  Drenched in darkness, the filled room welcomes sweaty and riled up fans. The stage is black, so dark the three figures taking their spots behind their instruments are hardly visible.

Slowcoaches just finished their set which was a hair thrashing wild ride, with the female lead Heather on her back, wailing into the mic, while kicking her legs in the air.


Crook Kid, Rusty, and Minnie Coathanger, The Coathangers are one of the baddest girl bands from Atlanta.

The Coathangers_-7
The Coathangers

Currently touring Europe the trio are taking over stages with their tattooed, unapologetically blunt punk. Their latest release, Parasite EP, is another gem from the band that is the best if what the band does.

Hardly visible, the crowd is already fallen in love. Masked in murderous red lights, the band begins, stopping only to switch instruments depending on the song. The crowd thrashes more as each song progresses. The mild fans stray to the sides of the Olso, while middle of the room erupts into half a dance floor and half moshpit.





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