New Kids on the block: Grey // Water

868c0d7bc8cf8f33fd04efc1_1240x1860There is something special about a band that can make you smile at first listen. With piles and piles of songs released each summer, each trying claim the title of summer anthem, it takes more than a catchy beat to elevate a song above the rest.

Don’t let the Grey // Water’s pouty faces dark clothing fool you, Jimmy, the latest release from Grey Water is a bright step into their upcoming EP.  The song is glance into the mind of Jimmy, the songs protagonist, with focus on change and love. They manage to get the message across without sounding like every other indie band. Their balance of a touch of dream-pop, honesty, and Charlotte Grace Victoria’s breathy voice are interesting components to the band’s sound. 

Set to debut their sophomore EP in the fall Grey // Water is a band to keep an ear on!

It’s not too late to redeclare your summer anthem, give Jimmy a listen.

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