One to watch: Tash Sultana


Pressing shuffle on a new EP, a sweet guitar intro begins and a breathy voice confesses while the dominant guitar turns a shade darker. The heaviness of the title track, Notion, brings a delicate element to singer-songwriter Tash Sultana, the girl in the trucker hat.

Not putting herself in a box, Sultana spends, Notion, showcasing her abilities as an artist, without getting lost by trying to focus on too many aspects.  The rest of the songs showcase the smoky voice artist with her magic guitar. After hearing the heart threaded into every strum, it’s slightly mind boggling to think Saltana taught herself guitar when she was a child.

The Melbourne artist began with home videos online. Wracking up millions of views she’s graduated to selling-out headlining shows around the world.  Big Smoke pt. 1 & 2, a 20 minute experience put together, are live cuts filled with banter from Sultana that give a sample of the energy that flows into live shows. A flourish of guitar solos and her stamping foot.  The overcoming the complexity of combining femininity into her sound is striking, in the live versions she gasps, yells and shreds her guitar for minutes before she’s sung her first note. There is no such thing as too many strong female leads, and Sultana is making her way up there with the best of them.

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