Step into the dreamy nightmare known as The Shacks

26219184_1485178331579464_5138419436371962248_nWho are they? To put it simply, they’re pleasantly odd. A timeless psychedelic treat drenched in the old souls of the young make up, The Shacks. Saccharine sweetness sweeps through their music but you can’t escape the darkly pop undertone adding a slight sense of unease.   Jazz and indie combine and create a subtly danceable sound with at times haunting vocals that mimic dark nightmares you’ll want to stay unconscious for. As sweet a as they are the band is riddle with daunting videos combining artistically odd antics from beginning to end which makes The Shacks just as interesting visually as they are audibly.

This is a band you NEED on your radar.


Their debut album, Haze,  is out March 30th but if you can’t wait until then, take a listen to Strange Effect off of their latest EP below.

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