The Shacks @ The Sugar Club in Dublin

The Shacks -8
May 25th, 2018 – The Shacks (NYC) headline The Sugar Room in Dublin 


Rows of red tables house the few scattered waiting to hear the band they’ve come to love. By candlelight, the modest crowd awaits, no doubt playing their favourite songs in their head. It’s apparent how much The Shacks trip over from NYC to Ireland was appreciated as the crowd dances in their seats, looking away only to grab a drink at the opposing side of the room. Small squeals of fans come and go as the songs change.

The band plays with a completely different veracity than heard on their albums, almost with a slight country feel, though one thing remains the same. Shannon Wise’s dreamy voice is ever as clear as on each album. As, This Strange Effect, begins the peak of excitement from the room is heard in the song as well as the hushed whispers of those singing along. Yet, they’ve gathered an endearing stage presence and great second release that they’ll be known for more than a single.

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