Oh Hi, Yeah, Women Can Be Bad Ass Too.

Remember these faces. Their genres are all worlds apart but the thing that these ladies have in common is that they rock the hell out of a stage. The ladies focused on during Canadian Music Week’s: Toronto Women of Music showcase brought out some of the city’s best talent you need to check out. The showcase took place at the intimate Garrison on Dundas West. The venue was the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with the future of Toronto’s music scene.

M e g a n B o n n e l lWomans night

Beginning the evening way Megan Bonnell. The sweetheart’s stage present commanded the attention of everyone in the room. Her slow melodic-daydream like songs evoked a folk like pleasant set. Her smiles and jokes between songs caught everyone’s soft side as they smiled along and enjoyed her acoustic set.

D i r t y F r i g swoman 2_edited-2

For all the rockers out there, you need to see this band. The set had everything one could ask for. A husky-smoky voice gorgeous lead that dripped sex, with her gyrations that, at the end of the night, caught the crowd off guard. The set ended by Bri Salmena (singer) jumping off the stage and flipping her hair on the ground at the photographers in the audience went into frenzy around her. The dark powerful rock this band captures is really something rich. THIS is what rock music is: screaming, gasping, hypnotizing guitar that melds into Salmena’s voice to the point where you can’t tell one apart.

 P r o g r a m mProgramm 2

Through the long reddish hair and blunt bangs cloaking her face, a triumphant voice prevails. Her voice is low, daunting and mysterious. Performing with her back to the crowd for most of the set, there was a connection with the crowd by just her presence on the stage. Jackie Game and Jakub H made up the two leads. But even when Game wasn’t singing you can’t help but watch as she slowly prowls the stage with closed eyes, swaying with the rhythm. Their sound is that of a good grunge band which today is rarely done right. They’re by far one of the best grunge bands in Toronto to date.

T h e W a y o

The Wayo_edited-1

The lead, Day Wilson, always starts off hidden behind a mic stand, swaying and eyeing the crowd. She’s almost still until everything is fazed out and the music is the complete focus. Watching The Wayo live, you can tell the exact moment when Wilson loses herself in the music. Her hand travels by her side as her voice matches her movements and her eyes close as her soulful-powerful voice shocks and pleases everyone in the room. The soul of the band is shocking from musicians so young. Their sound is a relaxed, blue-funk rock topped with a strong prevailing singer.

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