New Music: Bully – Feels Like

Take a long swig of beer, let down your hair and enthral yourself with Bully. Their debut album Feels Like is an album to runaway from home to. It’s sounds like the confessions of a troubled attention craving, teenage runaway who doesn’t have sobriety on the mind. The grungy sound has a slightly 70’s feel thanks to lead, Alicia Bognanno’s seductive-smoky voice, which is almost reminiscent to rock-goddesses of yesteryear, like Joan Jett and Pat Benatar. The four-piece set up, Bognanno, Stewart Copeland, Clayton Parker and Reece Lazarus capture the essence of grunge-rock flawlessly in each track—Feels Like is a perfect attempt to display what they’re capable of. The album is a truthful insight into the mind of a party girl and plays out each reality as if Bognanno is personally confessing the triumphs, struggles and, often, the zero fucks given.

The first track, I Remember, recants a drunken night involving sex, alcohol, and a lot of bad decisions. Trash is the most entailing songs on the album; seductive guitar bleeding into Bognanno’s rasping screams entrances you into the intoxicated mind of the persona in the album. Followed by Six, the song expresses a troubled home-life with a raw honesty tilling a sympathetic understanding. The final track Sharktooth, wraps up the album perfectly. Referencing broken-hearted parents, and the heartbreak followed by irresponsibility, it’s the perfected ending to an album, which feels like a story you know you shouldn’t like, but can’t stop listening to.

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