Locally Grown: Bayern Maxwell Little I Know/Far Away (Demos)

Discovering new music is something music lovers crave. When you hear something just right, it sticks with you. What I love about Toronto is the talent bleeding into the streets, onto the web and into music venues around town. It’s a shame that more don’t get showcased which is why I thought I’d give a small voice to those hidden talents.

Through a few faults, I came across Bayern Maxwell.–a blues-based rock musician from Toronto whose EP definitely stuck with me. Releasing a few demos, Little I Know and Far Away, back in May, the artist showcases acoustic pieces featuring soulful vocals and well-written lyrics. His voice is husky and emotion-driven which translates an authenticity and raw-edge to his music. Little I Know, is a calm introduction into the darkness that is Maxwell. The song is a tale that reflects on the tragedies, regrets and events that build up and tare-down a man. While Far Away, sounds like a desperate confession by a broken-hearted man living in the woods. Maxwell pleads to a riff expressing a tortured emotional honesty, while enveloping listeners into a dark world you can’t help wanting to be a part of.

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