The Beaches + K.I.D.@ Lee’s Palace

The Beaches4.jpg
The Beaches

Tizz the season to get a little sexy and a liitle gritty. Thursday, Toronto’s own The Beaches and K.I.D. took on Lee’s Palace as part of the Edge’s Jingle Bell Series. Here’s a small taste of what happened, below.

The beaches

They came and filled the venue with head-banging, while giving their all. The all women-band, played a set full of energy that infused the crowd. Catchy rock and a hypnotic set gave the room a taste of the talent throughout Toronto.

The Beaches3The Beaches1The Beaches2The Beaches4


If you haven’t heard of K.I.D. you probably should look them up. Their fans are loyal, and more noticeably in love with the band. You see it as soon as they take the stage that they’ve filled with quirky charms like ironing boards and Fruitloops.


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