Front row at Born Ruffians


The Danforth fills, the crowd presses forward filling every inch between them and the stage. The lights dim and Born Ruffians begin their verbal fuck you song, Eat Shit We Did it. Cheers fill as the band takes their places behind their instruments, set in a line. Did it they have, Born Ruffians have marked themselves as one of those Canadian bands you need to know and love.

Their fans are enthralled as they’re singing alone to, what they consider, hit after hit. Four albums and two EP’s later, the band has stayed true to their quirky indie rock sound that makes them so endearing. The songs change rapidly, the band stops only for singer Luke Lalonde to switch one of the four guitars behind him. The crowd keeps up pace with the band, seeming never to miss a word or beat.


The energy is never ending as the songs change, just when they’ve played your favourite song, a guitar riff starts up and instantly you realize THIS is your favourite song. No matter how many times you see them they never seem tiring. With their ever changing sound playing out before your eyes and ears on stage, to cohesion of their old and new music melds to satisfy your inner teen and current adult.

casper-skulls-7Earlier on, the always amazing, Casper Skulls opened the show. Beginning the evening with their dark daunting sound, they were an interesting contrast to Born Ruffians set to come. With an interesting stage presence and masterful music skills Casper Skulls are a band to see.

Check out more photos of the show below!

Casper Skulls
Born Ruffians

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